The Big Picture

by Arden

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Justin Rabensdorf
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Justin Rabensdorf This track makes you want to run down the street and dance! and it's a great sing-along tune too. I like the dynamic vocals! Amazing! Favorite track: A Slow Spiral Geoffrey.
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We recorded this album over the course of two years. It was truly a DIY effort by our band with all the recording and production being done at Lee's home studio in Woodbine, MD with the exception of "A Slow Spiral Geoffrey" and "Crickets" which were both recorded with our friend Trevor Simpson. I think over the two years we recorded the album, we all grew up as we were getting through college and life and the track "The Big Picture" which was originally written and demoed by Kevin really touches on what this record is all about... not so much about "me me me", but more so about the greater good.


released April 2, 2010

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Arden is Laurie Huebschman, Neal Karkhanis, Lee Cumberland, Paul Martinez, and Kevin Krause.

Words and music by Arden.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Artwork, photography, and layout by Ben Brown.



all rights reserved


Arden Baltimore

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Track Name: A Slow Spiral Geoffrey
Hey man, on the corner by the liquor store with a sign
in hand, and he's begging for the change that you can spare.
And hey, man, life is really not that bad just look around,
and realize everything you need is floating in the air.

And you say it's too late, you've thrown your life away.
And I say you're afraid of every little change.

Oh no, Geoffrey, what have you done with your life it seems
a pill infested life is the life you chose to lead.
And oh no, Geoffrey, time is passing by and what's to show
from the alcohol and medication that you can't let go.

And you say it's too late, you've thrown your life away.
And I say you're afraid of every little change
the world will throw your way.
It's always hard to make it through your day,
but I know you'll be OK.

You always tell me you're only happy half of the time,
but look at me, man, yeah I'm doing fine,
and I'm feeling alright.
Track Name: Movin' On
I used to be so in tune.
I used to be so happy.
And then one summer day
you told me you didn't want me around.

And now I know that you will never be.
And now I know that you will never see.

So now I'm up and moving on.
Getting back to where I once was.
And then one summer day
you told me you didn't want me around.

What did you expect me to do?
Sit around and wait for you?
Well, the sky is way too blue.
Track Name: Grow!
I was born on a Saturday.
My momma kept the bad at bay.
My daddy wept into his hands,
he could never be the bigger man.

Love is a game of give and take,
we give and give until we break.
We work our hands down to the bone
for an empty heart and an empty home.

And we all give out for the greater good.
And we grow and grow just like they said we would.

Grow and take up roots and spread your love around.
Know we fade away so just hold on.
Track Name: Weather Patterns
A cloudy day, try to escape
to better weather somewhere that
shines the sun down on my face,
I hope it washes the rain away.

You know how to take the worst of me
when I'm stormy like the weather.
Turn it into something sweet,
and it's only getting better.

Even when you're not around
you're shadow creeps around this town.
And when this night comes to an end
I hope that I'll see your face again
Track Name: The Second Time Around
Momma, I'm in love again,
and it's not the same
as when you took me by my crippled hand
and led me away.

And you're silence told me everything I need to know,
I guess I'll be riding alone.

Well maybe when we're old and gray
and my hair is falling out
there'll be a laundry list of other men
that I have to read about.
Track Name: Crickets
Hey, kid, whatcha looking so sad for?
There's whole wide world waiting out your front door
Everybody's leaving, so get your ass off the floor
Everyone knows it, so take a look around.

You can never sort it out
when you're staring out your window.
It will only bring you down
if you think that only you know.
You will never find your way,
a constant battle everyday,
and you know.

Hey, kid, dontcha wonder where those years went?
Already 20, wasting all your time spent
looking for the answers. but you don't know what they all meant.
Everyone knows it, so turn your life around.
Track Name: The Big Picture
The longer I do this, the less it makes sense.
We work hard for money that's already spent.

I won't be whoever you are.
You can't see the sky for the stars.

Just when I figured it couldn't get much worse
You came along and kicked me down in the dirt.

We can't see eye to eye.
I won't be here when the river runs dry.

The sun will come up,
it will be a new day,
but outside my window
it don't feel OK,
and all of my problems
just won't go away.
I give up, I'm sorry.
My friends, I'm sorry.
Track Name: Meet Me at Glen Rock
It's been a while
since I've seen you around.
Would you visit in my dreams
since you've been taken from the ground?

Life isn't fair,
that's what you're told when you are young
You've got to live and you must learn
that things will go wrong.

Move right along.

That ring was so shiny,
how it glistened in the light.
Such a beautiful thing
would make it hard to sleep at night.

I still think about
that song that you wrote
when frustration was high
and it seemed there was no hope.